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Neurent Medical is pioneering innovative treatments for chronic inflammatory sino-nasal diseases by targeting and safely disrupting hyperactive autonomic nerves that drive underlying inflammation. Neurent’s proprietary NEUROMARK® technology with its unique design and advanced algorithmic control enables physicians to precisely target and safely disrupt multiple underlying nerve branches to alleviate Chronic Rhinitis symptoms and improve patient quality of life. The company is headquartered in Galway, Ireland and has its US offices in Boston, MA.

Brian Shields
Co-founder & CEO
Board Member
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Declan Daly
Chief Financial Officer
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Karen Peterson
VP of Clinical, Regulatory & Quality
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John Peterson
VP of Sales & Marketing
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Mark Fletcher
Chairman of the Board
Former President, Medtronic Surgical Technologies
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Justin Lynch
Board Member
Partner & CFO,
Fountain Healthcare Partners
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Eamon Brady
Board Member
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Drew Burdon
Board Member
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Gerry Maguire
General Partner
Atlantic Bridge
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Neurent Medical Announces Publication of Positive Long-Term
Results from Study on Chronic Rhinitis Treatment

6th June 2024

Press release

Neurent Medical Announces John Peterson as VP of Sales and Marketing

28th March 2024

Press release

Neurent Medical Announces New CPT Code® for Chronic Rhinitis Treatment Offering Significant Symptom Improvements

13th November 2023

New CPT Code

New Data show NEUROMARK® Chronic Rhinitis Treatment Offers Significant Symptom Improvements

21st March 2023

Significant Symptom Improvements